Europe Transportation Guide



As you may know, I traveled quite often during my short time living in France. Around this time last year was when I did a lot of research on what transportation to use and how to get to the places I wanted to go. I learned a lot along the way and I wanted to share what I used to get around and hopefully help anyone who will be traveling Europe in the near future!

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Week 15: Bathing with the Pest


When we got off the bus, I tried to request an Uber to go to our hotel but Budapest no longer has Uber -_-

We went down to take the metro to where our hotel is. I didn’t realize the currency is also different there. The subway was so dark and dirty. The trains are really old fashion as well. I felt so sketched out being down there. Thank goodness my friend Jackie told us what type of tickets to buy and how to get to the hotel. Google maps helped too.

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Week 15: Fairytale castle // Munich, Germany


We are off 2 weeks for Easter break! I took a train from Nancy to Strasbourg then a bus from Strasbourg to Munich. Our hotel was very nice; it’s only a few stops away from the central area.

The first day in a new place I like to explore without my camera, it was dark outside anyway. Munich is super clean and it felt fresh. I went to a burger place I found online, which was pretty good! On top of that, they had chili cheese fries; I have been wanting for the longest time! Longhorns have the best chili cheese fries at home haha!

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Week 14: Proof that I go to school


Okay, I know it sounds like something is always wrong with me but there kind of is something always wrong with me [emoji]. There is a sharp pain in my lower back and it’s been hurting for about 3-4 days. Like REALLY hurt. The pain shoots down my leg too. It’s quite uncomfortable.

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Week 11: Part 4. No pants, No Entry // Monte Carlo & Nice

Yes, ANOTHER part of week 11. Last one I promise.


We took a day trip from Nice to Monte Carlo. It was only about 25-minute train ride. When we got out of the train station, we went up the mountain on the right side where the Ocean Museum is located. Close by is a burger place call Arrow burger where we had lunch.

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