Peak and Pit of 2018

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I could remember New Year’s Eve of 2018 like it was yesterday. I was in Jax and decided at the last minute to drive back to Orlando to go to the Kevin Hart’s show. I went into 2018 feeling like it was going to suck because in 2017, I spent New Year’s in Paris and traveled for half the year. How could 2018 top that? Plus, I was still recovering financially so I knew I couldn’t travel much.

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First of all, let me set the mood for this blog… Imagine when you’re just so chill/relaxed/tired and you have the windows down and it’s kinda chilly outside, the music is louder than your thoughts and you drive and all the lights are green. That chill vibes… that’s how I felt all weekend.

I had THE BEST time in Chicago. You know how people say they’re “high off life?” I FELT IT. It was so chill; I don’t even know how else to describe it. The city and the people I was with was giving me such positive energy.

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Why I quit my job after 1 week


I wasn’t even there for a full week; It was a really fun first week actually. I had orientation, met a lot of people and got to experience the attractions at the property. So why did I quit if it was such a good time?

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How to stay Organized !


This semester, I am taking 3 courses (considered full time for Masters programs) and working at UCF 2 days a week, game nights for the Orlando Magic, and 4 days a week at my new internship. It’s going to be a pretty busy semester to say the least. Additionally, I am also trying to fit in working out at least 3 times a week, have a social life, good skin, and sleep 8 hrs a night…but we’ll see😅.

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New Year | Kevin Hart


Wow, I can’t believe it’s already another year. Last NYE, I entered the new year in Paris (so magical). This year, I was totally set on being staying in my PJs and go to bed by 10 p.m. Earlier in the day, my sister and I went for morning coffee at Bold Bean then lunch at Orsay.

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Europe Transportation Guide



As you may know, I traveled quite often during my short time living in France. Around this time last year was when I did a lot of research on what transportation to use and how to get to the places I wanted to go. I learned a lot along the way and I wanted to share what I used to get around and hopefully help anyone who will be traveling Europe in the near future!

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