First of all, let me set the mood for this blog… Imagine when you’re just so chill/relaxed/tired and you have the windows down and it’s kinda chilly outside, the music is louder than your thoughts and you drive and all the lights are green. That chill vibes… that’s how I felt all weekend.

I had THE BEST time in Chicago. You know how people say they’re “high off life?” I FELT IT. It was so chill; I don’t even know how else to describe it. The city and the people I was with was giving me such positive energy.

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Bad Advice Series – Hot Mess Express


Welcome to my Bad Advice series. This first one is dedicated to moving on. Letting go is easy, moving on is the hard part. The moving on process looks a little something like this:

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Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza, & Madrid


The highlight of Spain for me is probably the food and sangria. I literally had it everyday for every meal. I always dreamed about going to Barcelona. Idk why but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. 

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

IMG_2807Am I the only girl that hates receiving a Teddy bear and chocolate? Like, what am I supposed to do with the bear and I’m on a diet, I shouldn’t be eating chocolate and candy ok? lol. Here are some ideas of last min gifts that are not “Cliche” for your special one.

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Sweet, Sour, Savory Avocado


Hi fellow Avocado lovers, I am so happy to share 3 ways I like to make it at home. These 3 recipes will satisfy any sweet, sour, or salty cravings and the great part is, it’s super easy and does not require a stove or oven.

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Why I quit my job after 1 week


I wasn’t even there for a full week; It was a really fun first week actually. I had orientation, met a lot of people and got to experience the attractions at the property. So why did I quit if it was such a good time?

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