San Francisco, CA

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If it’s called the GOLDEN Gate Bridge, why is it red?

Teese couldn’t get the name of it straight. She kept calling it the “Golden State Bridge.”

Me and Lizzy: “No Teese, that’s the Basketball team!!”

Teese: “Fine, I’m just going to call it GS Bridge.”

Me and Lizzy: “That’s STILL wrong!!!”

It was a chilly and rainy weekend in San Fran. It was still beautiful though. Lizzy lives in Alameda close to her coast guard base. Teese, Lizzy, and I have been friends since 8th grade. Lizzy moved back to Cali during our senior year of high school. As we grew, we don’t talk or see each other very often but when we do, we pick up as if nothing’s changed.

Things to see:

Golden Gate Bridge & Bay Bridge:

This is a landmark that San Fran is known for, but underrated is the Bay Bridge that connects Oakland to San Fran. It’s huge and the lights at night are super pretty. We’ve seen every angle of these two bridges.  Lizzy says the Golden Gate Bridge is red because it’s the primer and they never finished it. I’m just taking her word for it.



Lombard Street

We drove down this whiny road, it was so much fun lol. It’s funny because more people were taking a photo of the steep street under it than the whiny road itself. Why are we so fascinated by these kinds of things lol.


China Town

The biggest China Town in the States! Unfortunately, we got there a bit late on super bowl Sunday, so a lot of things were closed. They were also prepping for Chinese New Year’s. I’m definitely having some Dim Sum next time!


Palace of Fine Arts

Right next to the Golden Gate Bridge is this place of fine arts. It makes you feel like you’re in Rome. Lizzy got proposed to here last last year?


Painted Lady

These homes were in the intro of Full house. The disappointing part was that the actual house on Full house isn’t here. But it’s still pretty to look at.


The view:

This is located on the top of the Marriot hotel. The food and drinks were pretty good! We fought really hard for this prime spot in the corner here lol.


I told Teese this island was haunted so she was stuck to my hip the entire time and I’M usually the scaredy cat lol! Deff buy tickets online ahead of time. It’s about a 12 min ferry ride out and you get to see the beautiful skyline of San Fran. You’ll hike up to the top of the island where you’ll enter the jail and do the audio tour at your own pace. I really enjoyed it!


Fisherman’s Wharf

This is a long area full of shops and restaurants. It’s the same area where we take the ferry to Alcatraz so I would plan to visit this on the same day.

Napa Valley

About an hour away is the Wine Country. Of course, Lizzy is a member at the Castello di Amorosa.  So instead of $30/person for wine tasting, we paid $7.50. Our server/wine pourer? Had a thing for me so we got cheese and meat plate for free. Tip: try to look cute when you go wine tasting. Lol, They also have THE BEST sea salt dark chocolate bars in their gift shop. Literally the best chocolate you’ll ever have.

Things to eat:


Did you even go to the West coast if you didn’t have In-N-out? Deff get the animal style fries!



Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl on a chilly rainy day when we were there. Mm mmm mmmm. This is right on fisherman’s wharf at a place called Chowders.


Blue Crab/Sea Food:

$34.95 for ONE of these. We had to try it and it was deff delicious! This place is called Nick’s lighthouse. We also got calamari, seafood platter, lobster bisque soup, and a grilled salmon. There’s a ton of places on fisherman’s wharf!

The best part of this trip was just being with my best friends laughing and talking about old times. After 10 years, we were finally coming clean to each other about a lot of the things we hid from each other in high school and it was hilarious finding out. We were once all little 15-year-old girls who barely had any money and living off of hot pockets with houses a couple miles from each other. Now we’re 25-years old, working off those hot pockets, and living the furthest points away from each other (Buffalo, San Fran, Orlando) and still cracking up like old times.




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