New York, New York

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NYC has a way of making you feel so alive and fabulous. Going back as an adult is a whole different experience. Everyone should experience Christmas in NYC at least once. Before the trip, my sister and I make a tentative itinerary of places we want to go, see, eat like we usually do. We definitely accomplished a lot of it. Here’s what we did and what we ate:


Joe’s Pizza: We went to the one in Time Square. Don’t be discouraged by the long line out the door. It goes by fast and so worth the wait. $3 for a cheese slice. $4 for 1 topping.


Chickn’cone: If you’re looking for it in Columbus circle… it’s underground. Freshly made waffle cone and boneless fried chicken. $8 for a cone and there are different flavors. All so good.


Hala Guys: They’re on 3 corners in 1 area by Rockefeller Center. Also, don’t be discourage by the long line & don’t forget to down your bowl with their white sauce. $8 for a combo bowl (plenty of food for 2 ppl).


Sarabeth’s:  Brunch spot by central park. The food was super tasty!

The Smith: We came here for dinner. Great food as well! I don’t know why I only have pics of just our apps but the sea bass was to die for. The chicken and waffle and mac and cheese was great too.

Eataly: This is a market and also have a restaurant inside. We went to the World trade center location. The restaurant pasta we got was mehhh (I wouldn’t get it again). I suggest walking around and buy the food in the market. The pizza was good!

Street food: There’s plenty of little stands on every corner with roasted nuts (the roasted coconut one was our fav) and grill chicken on a stick and hot dogs. I recommend eating all of those!

Banh Mi Saigon: This place is in China Town/Little Italy. If you happen to be there, get a couple sandwiched. My family packed 30 to bring back to FL with us lol.



You could get one of those red bus tours and try to go see as many things as you can, or you can pick top places you want to go to and walk/use the metro. It’s all a part of the experience. We spent most of our time in Midtown and Downtown.

Midtown: Time Square, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Central Park

Downtown: Brooklyn Bridge, World trade center, Oculus, Wall Street, NY Stock Exchange, Charging Bull

Top of the Rock: Buy ticket ahead online. It’s about $40/person. This one is outdoors whereas the world trade center is inside. You’ll have to select a time to enter too. It’s not an “all day” pass where you can come and go as advertised on some websites.

Ice skating: If you’re here in the winter and you want to ice skate. Plan for it to be an 3-4 hr activity. Central park and Bryant park are the two popular ones and the lines are veryyy long.

5th ave: Walk this street. The store windows are the best during the holidays.


Central Park: It’s giant! I suggest getting some bikes to cover more grounds. There’s also a zoo there.



Brooklyn bridge: If you plan on taking cute outfit photos like girls on IG, you better get there at sunrise. It’s super packed with people. Also, try to stay out of the bike lane.



World Trade Center & The Oculus: Must see when you go to NYC as it’s one of the most popular landmarks. The Oculus is a bird skeleton shaped shopping center. It’s really beautiful.



I spend 4 days in the city and I still did not see everything. When planning, account for the time you have to stand in line and finding bathrooms too. Can’t wait to go back! I miss the food the most.



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