First of all, let me set the mood for this blog… Imagine when you’re just so chill/relaxed/tired and you have the windows down and it’s kinda chilly outside, the music is louder than your thoughts and you drive and all the lights are green. That chill vibes… that’s how I felt all weekend.

I had THE BEST time in Chicago. You know how people say they’re “high off life?” I FELT IT. It was so chill; I don’t even know how else to describe it. The city and the people I was with was giving me such positive energy.

LRG_DSC05414Put on the following songs while you read so you can feel my vibe lol
1. Better – Khalid
2. Rollin – Calvin Harris ft. Future & Khalid
3. Déjà vu – Post Malone ft. Justin Bieber
4. Drama – Roy Woods ft. Drake
5. Heatstroke – Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams, & Arianna Grande)

On Friday, I worked and had the hardest time saying bye to my bestie Meghan. We’re so attached lol. I left early to get to the airport. The Orlando airport is so bad, literally so packed I thought I was going to be late but I didn’t sweat it. I learned not to panic or worry from all my flights in Europe. Anyway, I made it on time and even had time to go to the bathroom, charge my phone, and eat my sandwich.

I was nervous about flying Spirit because of all the horror stories I heard. When I got on, it wasn’t bad at all. I got the aisle seat, a girl at the window and no one in the middle. Turns out, it was supposed to be her boyfriend’s seat or something but he got detained. She was crying on and off the entire flight and I was going to ask if she was okay until I saw her watching videos of landscapes and birds and I was like “nahhh.” Lol

I was instantly in a good mood when I landed in Chicago because it was 49 degrees. Scott and Bry picked me up from the airport. We had some burgers, watched a movie, and went to bed because it was quite late when I got in. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I was with them. And I’m also obsessed with Scott’s dog, Gracie. Lol

The next day we started with breakfast at Walker Bros Original Pancake House. Then we stopped at this beautiful church/temple where Bry and I planned her and Scott’s wedding lol. We then headed into the city, Scott and Bry showed me the views from all angles. We rented Divvy bikes and rode for miles along the shore where there was also a pano view of the city and buildings. We met up with Ashley and Daniel and rode for miles and miles all around the city. I tried to keep up with Scott and almost died like 50 times.

We stopped for lunch at Portillo’s Hot Dogs which had THE BEST chocolate cake EVER. Afterward, we did some shopping on Michigan street, which reminded me of the main shopping street in Barcelona. After we got some new outfits, we got ready and headed to Bandera for Scott’s birthday dinner. We ended the night with dancing at a couple of bars and had a great time!

The next day, we went back to the city and biked some more, we had lunch at The Halal Guys and checked out the rooftop bar Cindy’s which overlook the Bean and out to the water. To wrap up our last night, Illian, Ashley, and I got dinner at Bella Bacino’s (so good!). Ashley had to go home to get ready for work so Illian and I walked along the river walk and had a great heart to heart. I definitely felt like the trip was much needed and put me at peace in so many ways because of everyone I was with. Illian and I couldn’t stop talking about how much we love Scott and Bry, they are so perfect together. We discussed our weaknesses, goals, and how we were going to get there. Illian had asked me “what do you feel like the one thing that is missing in your life.” It made a lot of feelings surface for me that I have been suppressing. I am grateful and content. However, it’s not something but someone missing from me because I knew they would’ve really enjoyed the time we had in the city… and also a couple million dollars. I can always use that lol. Illian found ourselves walking into the Chicago theater against the current of all the people exiting and security grabbed her arm really hard and pushed us out. We just wanted to see the inside.

Overall, it was such an amazing trip that was weirdly so relaxing even though it was a city and I don’t have anything bad things to say about it. I could totally see myself living there for a couple of months in spring-fall.



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