Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza, & Madrid


The highlight of Spain for me is probably the food and sangria. I literally had it everyday for every meal. I always dreamed about going to Barcelona. Idk why but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. 


DSC03855I flew from Barcelona from Naples. I stayed at an airbnb that was like mehh. It had a better shower than the one in Milan but it was still kinda meh. It was livable I guess. We had to share the place with the host and other visitors. Of course I went to all the touristy places. Idk why but it was just not as exciting as I expected. We went to a club one night and a ton of people were fighting to get in. I signed us up to be on the guest list ahead of time so I told her bouncer and he let me through. Meanwhile, Daina, Kimmy, and Jon was still on the other side of the rope. I tried to get his attention to tell him they were with me and touched the rope as if I’m letting them through and he thought I was trying to do it behind his back. He got so mad, started yelling at me and physically PUSHED me. It wasn’t meant to be I guess. Lol

The sangria was bomb tho. I literally had it with every meal and was tipsy half…most of the time. It creeps up on you before you even know it lol. One of the days, we met up with my friend Laura for lunch. Laura, Kimmy and i were all in the same group during a summer class at UCF. How funny is it that we were all there at the same time !


Kimmy left us to go back to Italy. Only Daina, Jon, and I went to Ibiza. When we got off the plane and into the airport, we were shocked. It had trash everywhere and looked like a dumpster! We took a taxi to the other side of the island where our hotel was. The hotel was actually super nice. I guess we were also at the wrong side of the island because we were not very impressed. The highlight is probably Jon washing his jeans in the ocean here. We were ready to leave after a couple days.



Last destination of our Spain venture. We really didn’t take many pictures. It was just another European city to us with a city center that had shopping. Our airbnb was nice but it had a funky smell coming from the bathroom. I think the highlight was yummy tacos and churros we had one night.


Maybe I need to give Spain another try? It was terrible but deff not at the top of my favorite places that I went to in Europe. I honestly don’t have any crazy recommendations for Spain. I did most of the basic things that you find when you google “things to do in….”. I really wish i had more exciting stories to share about these places lol.



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