Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

IMG_2807Am I the only girl that hates receiving a Teddy bear and chocolate? Like, what am I supposed to do with the bear and I’m on a diet, I shouldn’t be eating chocolate and candy ok? lol. Here are some ideas of last min gifts that are not “Cliche” for your special one.

  1. Makeup pouches – These came in 3 on Amazon. A girl can’t ever have enough
  2. Hand sanitizers – With the flu going around, everyone can use some. Bath and body works always have deals on them and they are so cute!
  3. Lipstick – My favorite is from Bite (in Sephora)
  4. PJs – The heart Pj shorts in the photo is from Old Navy. There are super cute tees that you can mix and match with it as well
  5. Hand lotion – Get their fav scent or something new for them to try
  6. Shoes/sandals – these are good for ANY holiday.
  7. Watch – There are some very affordable/trendy watches at department stores such as Nordstrom racks and Kolhs
  8. Selfie light – I got this for my sister on Amazon and we’re obsessed!
  9. Makeup brush holder – This was from Amazon as well. So amazing for traveling
  10. Adventure – Think of something you can do together! Creating memories and experiences are priceless


Tips: Get gifts that you think your Valentine would like, just pick it in pink or red to make it feel more like a Valentine present. It doesn’t always have to be chocolate and bears.



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