Pink outfits for wednesdays


“I want my pink shirt back!!!! I want my pink shirt back!!!!” <— one of my fav Damien lines and often used by my sister bc I always steal her clothes 😅

Here are some of my fav pink outfits without going Elle Woods.


I’m obsessed with this look. The outfit is so comfortable; except for the heels bc I never wear heels but it looks good (beauty is pain right). Here are the outfit details:

Shirt & Mom jeans: Pacsun

Glasses: H&M

Cardigan: Vici Collection 


I found some pink ribbons in my ribbon box (yes I have a ribbon box for gift wrapping, don’t judge me) and I thought it would be a nice touch with this outfit.

Mom jeans: Pacsun

Sweater & Coat: H&M

I’m actually wearing the sweater backward because the front says “let it snow” and it was a little too christmasy.


These statement earrings that add a hint of pink to my outfit. It can also glam up any simple outfit.

Earrings: Francesca

Sweater: H&M


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