Why I quit my job after 1 week


I wasn’t even there for a full week; It was a really fun first week actually. I had orientation, met a lot of people and got to experience the attractions at the property. So why did I quit if it was such a good time?

When it was time to do the actual task that I was assigned, I wasn’t feeling it. The first day I got car sick and as I kept doing it, I was thinking to myself “how can I really add value to this company and what can I really benefit from it?” I expressed to my employer that I would like more of a challenge and that my body can’t handle doing the task that many times a week. The next day I drove there (45 mins from my house if no traffic) with a heavy feeling that something isn’t right. When I got there, I was told that this is the only task that the position consists of and there will not be any changes. I went home, thought about it and respectfully resigned.

By no means that it is the company’s fault. I just simply felt like it wasn’t right for me and that I won’t be gaining the experience I was looking for. This isn’t the first time I quit a job, I’ve actually quit after 2 days before. That time, I was about 20 years old working for a supply store stocking shelves. They offered me $7.25/hr, which was under the min wage. Is that even legal? I hated every minute of it, like driving there made me want to cry. I hated it THAT much. When I quit, they didn’t even pay me for those 2 days. I just look at it as doing volunteer work. Lol

In a recent video that I watched for class, Professor Dick Beatty stated: “Don’t hire anyone who’s looking for a job, hire someone who loves what you do and is involved in what you do.” I WANT to be that employee. I was very excited about the company and that’s why I applied and accepted the position. Then when I learned what I was going to do each day, I got very discouraged. Yes, money is great and of course, I can use some extra money right now. But it’s not worth hating life every time I have to go to work.

Every successful person has probably said “Do what you love & you’ll never work a day in your life” yes, cliché, cliché but so true! I really believe that you thrive when you’re doing something you’re passionate about and that’s how you become successful at what you do. Not that you will graduate and become a CEO right away but if you are in an entry-level position knowing that there is an opportunity to grow into something higher, it’s deff more motivating.

Trust your gut. Sometimes quitting is okay (…but idk. ← adding that part in case anyone takes my advice and it goes bad).

Being stressed out and hating your job can negatively impact your health mentally & physically. I’ve known people who literally cry before/during/after work. Just remember that you have the ability to make that change. There are other things out there.

No, I don’t have it all together and I am definitely not where I want to be. However, through these experience, I learned what I like, don’t like, and questions that I should be asking during interviews such as “what is the work environment like for this position?” and “what is the daily task?”

Okay, venting sesh over. Until next time my friends.



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