How to stay Organized !


This semester, I am taking 3 courses (considered full time for Masters programs) and working at UCF 2 days a week, game nights for the Orlando Magic, and 4 days a week at my new internship. It’s going to be a pretty busy semester to say the least. Additionally, I am also trying to fit in working out at least 3 times a week, have a social life, good skin, and sleep 8 hrs a night…but we’ll see😅.

I’ve always been an organization freak and if something a little bit out of order, it drives me nuts! I’m obsessed with cute planners, notebooks, and ball point pens. I keep organized the old fashion way instead of storing everything in my phone (although I use my phone as well incase I forget my planner). Here are the ways that I stay organize to get things done and meet deadlines:


Last year, I was so indecisive about which planner to get because they were all so cute that I ended up not getting anything lol! This year, I got this planner from Target and the stickers from Michaels (there’s always sales and coupons). I chose this smaller planner so that it’s light and easy to carry. I also didn’t want the ones that were spiral nor the tape-bound planners either so this was perfect. It gives a cute edge instead of wire spirals for when I put it on my bookcase.



The stickers makes it so much more fun and cute!


I use different color Washi tape for my classes because…

1. It helps me recognize which class it is

2. I can write on it instead of the planner paper which often bleeds through.



My all time favorite pen have been the Pilot G-2…. UNTIL…. I found these paper mate ink joy gel 0.5, it’s amazing! The pen pouch is from target in the $1-5 section.

Phone Alarms:

On really busy days, I set an alarm for everything I have to do to keep me on schedule.  I usually set it 10-30 mins before I need to do something or be somewhere, depending on what it is.


Google Keep app:

Making lists is one of my favorite things to do. For groceries, I use this app because I always forget my paper list at home. My favorite part is being able to check off the item.


There you have it! Above are all the materials and tools I use to be organized everyday. Let me know in the comments what you do to stay organized or if you use any of the same things I do☺️.





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