3 Basic Overall Dress Styles


Although this overall dress is simple, it’s an “out of the comfort zone” piece for me. It’s usually not my style but I loved it the moment I saw it! I’m wearing it in very simple ways with basic pieces that everyone most likely own something similar to. If you know me, you know I wear a lot of black and neutral colors and my fav pattern for clothes is stripes so below are a combo of those put together!



Above, I’m pairing the H&M black overall dress with Old Navy booties and a stripe top from J. Crew. I really like that this dress zips up from the front, making it so easy put on and take off. The straps are adjustable as well.



For spring and summer, it’s super cute with just a tank, crop top, or even just a bralette. Instead of booties, you can mix it with flats or even some converse. The tank top i’m wearing is from Victoria Secret and cardi from Target.

In Florida, we’re known for the coat in the morning then shorts by lunch time kind of weather. This dress pairing with a sweater inside and boots is perfect for when it’s not too cold but not too hot weather!

Those are the looks I put together, I hope it sparked some ideas for you as well 🙂



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