New Year | Kevin Hart


Wow, I can’t believe it’s already another year. Last NYE, I entered the new year in Paris (so magical). This year, I was totally set on being staying in my PJs and go to bed by 10 p.m. Earlier in the day, my sister and I went for morning coffee at Bold Bean then lunch at Orsay.


Meanwhile, Jon and I have been contemplating on going to the Kevin Hart show for a couple days and we still didn’t decide for sure on the day of. The cheapest tix we found were $80 and then there were an extra $20/ea of fees added on. Eventually, I left at 4p.m to drive to Orlando. I got there around 6 and we headed straight to the arena. We bought the tickets at the box office which turned out to be $83. The show was awesome and refreshing to end the year with some laughter. Although, there was a couple sitting behind us fighting the whole time (super annoying).

Tip: If you go to a Kev Hart show, just leave your phone in the car. About 50 ppl got kicked out for having their phones out during the opening acts.

New Years Day: I slept in then went to Yard House to watch the UCF vs. Auburn Peach Bowl Game. WE WON!!!


2018 Goals:

My goal is to make healthier food choices

Continue to be creative

Update my blog more often

Write in my planner and notebook




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