Europe Transportation Guide



As you may know, I traveled quite often during my short time living in France. Around this time last year was when I did a lot of research on what transportation to use and how to get to the places I wanted to go. I learned a lot along the way and I wanted to share what I used to get around and hopefully help anyone who will be traveling Europe in the near future!

Transportation: – I am on this ALL the time, I even have the app. It’s easy to use and usually give you the cheapest price. It shows 3 options: Train, Plane, and Bus. – I love this website because you can set for example: Depart: Paris and Arrive: “everywhere” and it will show you all the cheapest places you can go to from Paris first and you can view it in a monthly calendar to see all the dates and which one is the cheapest. I LOVE this website/app.

For buses, I liked using Flixbus and Ouibus. The buses are very comfortable and clean unless you’re stuck next to someone smelly & avoid sitting next to the bathroom.

Blablacar: So, I’ve never used this but a lot of people from my program have. I’ve heard good and bad stories. How it works is, people with a car create a profile on there and post that they are going to XYZ location on May 9th. You go on there to search for the same location and on the same date. You pay them to carpool with them.

Uber – no explanation needed. Uber is life.

Metro – Metro is underground. Most big European have this system, it’s really not that hard when you figure it out and usually the cheapest way to get around the city. Google maps will tell you which line/color to go on.

Google maps app – I use this 99.99% of the time to get around. It helps me get around by public transportation too. It tells you exactly how long to walk and which train/bus to take with the exact stops that it’ll take to get there. Thank you satellite and technology right?

Ryanair: Super cheap flights especially if you just have a backpack. I don’t ever travel light so I always pay for the most expensive package for priority boarding and check-in bag haha.

There you have it, I hope this helps during your European travels. If you are getting ready to leave for a study abroad trip, I’m jelly !!!

Happy Holidays!


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