Week 15: Vienna


From Munich to Vienna by bus took several hours. When we got there, we got uber to the hotel. The outside of the city was all graffiti and not attractive. When we got closer to our hotel, the streets and building were a lot nicer.

When we got to our hotel, the ground floor was dark and no one was there. I was so confused! I called and they said the reception was on the second floor. The first impression of the place was pretty bad. When we got to the room, it was old fashion with 2 tiny beds and a couch. The bathroom was very big with a standing shower and a tub!

Since we had a bad first impression in Vienna with the hotel then rain, we were like “why did we come here.” We tried to spend as little time as possible. We were only there or 1 and a half-day so there was no point of trying to move hotels.

The buildings in Vienna seemed much larger than the other cities I’ve been in and much cleaner as well. We went to a rooftop at the 25-hr hotel to look over the city and walked around. The next day, Jon and I walked around then went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. It was beautiful! Probably the best thing we could’ve done there. The museum and the Korean restaurant we ate for dinner were the best thing that happened there. I wasn’t very impressed by other things. Let’s just say we were excited to move on to Budapest!

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