Week 15: Fairytale castle // Munich, Germany


We are off 2 weeks for Easter break! I took a train from Nancy to Strasbourg then a bus from Strasbourg to Munich. Our hotel was very nice; it’s only a few stops away from the central area.

The first day in a new place I like to explore without my camera, it was dark outside anyway. Munich is super clean and it felt fresh. I went to a burger place I found online, which was pretty good! On top of that, they had chili cheese fries; I have been wanting for the longest time! Longhorns have the best chili cheese fries at home haha!

I like the train system in Munich, it was easy to use and they have the pass where you can get for a group from 2-5 for the whole day. If you are traveling with a group, it’s pretty cheap to get around!

One thing I notice was that German words are so long and I don’t even know where to start to learn how to read or speak it. Thank goodness most people speak English there!


I did the usual stuff like going to all the main attractions, of course, we spent a day at the BMW welt and museum because it was Jon’s birthday weekend! The museum is big and pretty cool! There was a guy selling pull pork sandwiches outside the Welt and it was so good, I ate 2. I need to remember to bring my student ID everywhere for discounts. On his actual birthday (April 9th) we went on a Neuschwanstein castle tour lead by someone at a hostel (even though we weren’t staying there) the price a for student was about $20 cheaper than the one I saw online.

The train from Munich to Fussen (where the castle is) is 2 hours; once we got there we had to take a bus for 10 minutes up the mountainside. Our tour guide was a young woman who was very petite and cute. Once we got off the bus we had about 15 minutes to use the restroom and get a little history on the Hohenschwangau castle first. The Hohenschwangau castle was the home where king Ludwig grew up. He built the Neuschwanstein castle after he became king.

When we finished getting a little history on the castles, my group voted to take the most challenging hiking route up. I was dying and of course the last one along with 2 other girls who were from St. Augustine! What a small world right? I definitely felt it in my glutes when I was walking up but it was needed after eating so much carbs.

Once we got to the top, we went to the Mary’s bridge to take the infamous photos of the castle. It was really high up and sooo beautiful. There was a waterfall right under us. The bridge was packed with people and it was pretty wobbly; I was a little nervous. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get the perfect pics lol!

The view was breathtaking from the castle. You can see the Austrian alps from where we were standing. I was afraid of being cold because there was snow on top of the mountains but it was so perfect!

DSC02564After touring the inside of the castle, we raced down to get to the bus on time. When we got back to the hotel we showered then went back out for dinner. We met with a new friend we met on the tour. She’s from Cincinnati and she was in Munich by herself. We ate at a place name “Eataly” then went for beers at Hofbrauhaus. Each beer is in a huge glass. About 8 euros for a liter! It was loud with people talking and singing with the band, and waiters slamming food and beers on the table and yelling at you to order. It was so fun haha. Afterward, we went to 2 other places for beers, I was exhausted!


That was the first and last time I’m ever drinking that much beer! It made me feel so full and bloated. The next 2 days we spent a bit more time in Munich walking around the center and checking out the castle of Nymphembourg.

Munich was very nice, I would definitely go back!

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