Week 15: Bathing with the Pest


When we got off the bus, I tried to request an Uber to go to our hotel but Budapest no longer has Uber -_-

We went down to take the metro to where our hotel is. I didn’t realize the currency is also different there. The subway was so dark and dirty. The trains are really old fashion as well. I felt so sketched out being down there. Thank goodness my friend Jackie told us what type of tickets to buy and how to get to the hotel. Google maps helped too.

The hotel in Budapest was soooo much better. It was modern and clean. Jackie came over to be our tour guide. We went to eat at the restaurant name Menza. Everything in Budapest was much cheaper than all the other places I’ve been.

We went to the Basilica and Parliament, which were both beautiful! Jackie told us all about how her school is closing and people are protesting. We then walked to an area that reminded me of Wall Street. There were a lot of people out, eating and drinking. We ate again at a pasta place.

I also learned that one side of the river was Buda and the other was Pest. We stayed on the Pest side, which had a little more lively than the Buda side.

The next day Jackie took us all around the city again. I felt a better connection with Budapest than I did with Vienna. We walked around so much, we were all pretty exhausted so we were so excited to go to one of the baths and possibly get a massage.

We went to the most popular bath because the other ones we walked by didn’t seem that cool. We paid about $15 dollars each to get in. There is a price with a locker and cabin. The difference is, locker is public and cabin is a private changing room. To get in, they gave us a bracelet to scan, mine was so dirty; it had black stuff on it.

When we got in, we had to walk through the locker area to get to the cabin. It was soooo crowded there. The cabins are small changing rooms (Not that attractive). We changed into our bathing suits but kept our shoes on because we didn’t have flip-flops. When we went out to the pools, the large amount of people grossed us out. It was chilly outside so we were going to check out the inside pools. The place is basically a place with warm pools and hot tubs.

Jackie and I took a deep breath and took our shoes off. Jon is a bigger germaphobe than me so he refused to even go in or take his shoes off. When we ented the indoor pools, it was so crowded with people everywhere and it had a distinct smell (like chicken broth? Not In a good way tho). We walked right out saying ew ew ew ew ew.

Disclaimer: This was my personal experience and opinion. I am not trying to bash the place.

When we got back outside we stuck our legs in the water to talk some pictures like we were having fun. Walking back inside bare feet was the worse! We got little plastic bags to put over our feet before walking to the cabin to change.

We definitely took an L on that one. We could’ve had a nice meal with that money lol. I wish we could’ve bought the visitor ticket for $5 to get in to just check the place out first but they didn’t let us. I know other people loved that place but we didn’t get the same feeling.

Overall, Everything else we did was great though. We visited the main attractions and Jackie took us to her school and it was so nice! I was definitely jealous that she got to be at such a nice school. It’s unfortunate that it has to close down. I wish my school were that nice! It was also good to hang out with someone who loves to eat as much as Jon and I and knows what I’m talking about when I talk about UCF.





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