Week 14: Proof that I go to school


Okay, I know it sounds like something is always wrong with me but there kind of is something always wrong with me [emoji]. There is a sharp pain in my lower back and it’s been hurting for about 3-4 days. Like REALLY hurt. The pain shoots down my leg too. It’s quite uncomfortable.

This is our last week of official classes. We are in class with the 2 professors from Denmark that taught us the first week of school. This time the topic is marketing. We are also in a marketing competition where we create our own company and the class vote which one they like the best. My group had the sports shoe category and we won the competition in our category, of course.

I really can’t believe this is it; it really went by really fast. I remember being miserable the first week like it was yesterday. We have about 4 other papers due and final exams to study for.

Here are some pics of my class to prove that I really do go to school and not only travel haha.

Saturday, I left Nancy for Munich by bus. I had 2 layovers. One in Strasbourg and then again in Frankfurt. The bus was late so I was about an hour and a half behind. I haven’t had much time to update my blog because I have been on the go.

I’m pretty worried about passing my classes because some of our grades posted (which is a spreadsheet with EVERYONE’S grades on it) and I have super low points. I’m just overall annoyed because I go to every class and do all the assignments and apparently my group submitted a case study that was 50% of our grade and it was “wrong” so she gave us a 3/20. Like how is that even possible.Meanwhile, other people have 19/20. I really don’t think we were that far off. And of course, the professors never reply or take forever to when I email them about stuff. 🙄

To my understanding, this is how grades work. There are 4 course and about 3 or 4 modules in each course. You only need 10/20 to pass each module and then 10/20 of all the modules combined to pass the course.

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