Week 13: Mama got her VISA

Week 13:

I’m still feeling sick this week. Tuesday was a good day. Class was canceled, something I ordered online came in the mail, and my parents booked their tickets to come visit me!

My mom is not yet a US citizen so she has to apply for a Visa to go to any country in the EU and UK. When she went to do it for the UK, there was an office in Jacksonville and it went smoothly. She only had to go there 1 time and they were super nice to her. They sent the passport with the visa sticker in it back within a week.

For the French Visa, my parents had to take a day off work, pay for a hotel and drive 5 hours to get to. The lady helping wasn’t very nice to them and she took the payment, fingerprint, and picture. Everything was completed except she asked for proof of accommodation and insurance. She said they HAVE to be there in person. My dad was pretty frustrated so he took all the paperwork and went home. I emailed her to see if it was possible to mail in the 2 documents since everything else was done because my parents already spent a lot of money just to go there the first time. I also asked her about 4 other questions and she replied “yes.” Yes to what??…

I had to book them another hotel and another appointment just to go turn in 2 papers. She deleted my mom’s file so my mom had to do everything over again. She was heavy breathing and acting like it was such an inconvenience to do her job. After everything, she told them they could come back next Tuesday to pick it up. They reminded her that they included an already paid envelope for the visa to be mailed to them at home (they allow that). The lady was like “oh yeah.”

Anyway, they’re done dealing with that lady and hopefully, the visa will be sent home in time for them to come. I already booked everything.

Wednesday in class our professor taught us how to collect information is to use gifts, alcohol, and seduction. We’re also taught what it takes to be a traitor and the difference between prostitutes and hirondelle. All of this comes down to learning how to get sensitive information and to know when other people are trying to get information from you.

So, if you know me, you know I love making videos and editing them. However, I left it up to group mates to put the video together for our project. When it was shown in class, there was a robot lady saying “this voice was generated by…” every 10 seconds when it was narrating our video and at the end, 2 sound from 2 diff video clip played at the same time. I wanted to run out of the classroom. Our professor was being generous with our grade and still gave us an A though.

It has been an interesting week. This is so random but I’m mad at myself for watching what I thought was a behind the scenes of gossip girl, it turned out to be the part where gossip girl was revealed. Now I have to finish the rest of the show already knowing who it is. Ugh, first world problems.

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