Week 12: Cold showers

When we got back to Nancy from Nice (which was a 9 hour train ride) it was cold, windy and rainy. It seems that every time we come back from a trip so far, the weather is ugly.

We walked back in the rain and got in about 10 p.m. The apartment was cold because we turned down the heater before leaving. I went to take a shower after a long day and I was waiting about 5-10 mins for warm water and there wasn’t any. I boiled water and mixed it with cold water and bathe myself the old fashion way.

We emailed the office for help but 3 days later…still no heater and hot water. I caught a little cold from being cold all the time. The heater then started to come on and off and we got some hot water from the faucet on day 4. I’ve been taking super fast showers because I’m afraid the hot water will stop half way through the shower.

This week is just like any other week I’ve been here. Doing laundry, unpacking, and catching up on sleep. We have a lot of group projects and assignments due soon so that’s what I’ll be doing the next few weeks.

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