Week 11: Part 4. No pants, No Entry // Monte Carlo & Nice

Yes, ANOTHER part of week 11. Last one I promise.


We took a day trip from Nice to Monte Carlo. It was only about 25-minute train ride. When we got out of the train station, we went up the mountain on the right side where the Ocean Museum is located. Close by is a burger place call Arrow burger where we had lunch.


The mountainside of the Ocean museum is so beautiful. There’s a well-shaded park with flowers, green grass, and free clean public restroom! It looks over the clear blue water. We decided not to go inside because we wanted to save some money.

We headed to the other side of the mountain where the grand casino is located. Some of the sidewalks are narrow and it’s marked with red and white because they do street races there. So cool! There’s a large port where people park their yachts.

When we got to the Grand Casino, we weren’t allowed inside because we were wearing shorts. I definitely thought about buying pants just go inside but there are only high-end stores nearby. I didn’t want to buy a $400 pair of pants just to enter the Casino. I believe I will be back one day and the next time I do, I will go inside the Ocean museum and the Casino.

We went to Starbucks to have a snack and rest. The Starbucks was in a beautiful location; it looked over the sunset and ocean. I was getting ready to eat my blueberry muffin when a seagull landed on my table and started walking towards it. It snatched my muffin and ate the whole thing!! I got it all on video so Starbucks gave me another one. I also moved to another location and ate my muffin really fast before another seagull attack.

Monte Carlo is known for fancy cars, clothes, and real estate and that was exactly what I saw. There were offices to buy private jets and a 17 sq meter room was 670,000 Euros!! Anyway, it was a great day.

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