Week 11: Part 3. Nice, France


We took a 6 hr bus ride from Lyon to Nice. There was a few stops and an hour lunch break in… I’m not sure where we were. The view was great and the weather was even better! The bus wasn’t full so I got a row to myself.

Before getting to Nice we stopped in Cannes. It was the first time I saw a beach in so long and it made me so happy. The water along the French Rivera is so clear, blue and beautiful.

The bus stopped at Nice airport so we have to uber into the city where our hotel was. The hotel looked decent from the outside and the lobby. The hall way didn’t look so bad either. THEN WE GOT TO THE ROOM… DUN DUN DUNNNN. It was dark. dirty, and so gross. I am going to admit I’m a pretty high maintenance person. I can deal with some stuff but not a hotel that makes me feel creep out. The bathroom had hairballs on the ground. I was itching just being in the room.

We canceled the room and booked a different hotel the first 10 minutes of being in the room. The receptionist was not happy with us. He asked me why we were leaving and I had to tell him a lie about how our family booked us a room at their hotel so we are going to stay with them. We were charged for 1 night, which we’re fine with. As long as we can get out of there!

We ended up at another hotel right about 5-minute walk to the beach. It was so much better and literally right at the city center.

Nice was super relaxing, we walked around to all the main areas and sat on the bench staring at the sea. The sunset was beautiful as well. The 2 food places that we tried are one of the 2 places I’ve ever tried so far while traveling. Nothing has beat the veal wrap I had in London though. We ate at a cheap pizza place and hot dog place. There are many restaurants by the beach and the average prices are 13-30 euros per person.

We were there the night of St. Patrick’s Day. Many people were out at the bars drinking and wearing Guinness hats. We had dinner and went back to the hotel by 8:30 because we’re paranoid about being in crowds.


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