Week 11: Part 1. Lyon


My foot was still hurting really bad when I left for Lyon. My apartment is 32 minutes walk to the bus stop so I walk/ran/limp to the bus 2 minutes before it pulled up. We departed at 5 a.m. I used Flixbus for the first time, it was a double deck bus and I sat by the bathroom that smelt soooooo bad. Thinking about it makes me gag.

While I was on the bus I was praying that to God to help my foot feel better because I was going to do a lot of walking this week and it honestly was a miracle. The pain went away when I got off the bus. Shout out to God. I love ya!

I got to Lyon about 12 p.m and the check-in for my hotel wasn’t until 3 p.m. The hotel held my stuff while I walked around. Barely any restaurants were opened since it was a Monday and I was starving. I settled for Mcdonalds. It was my first time eating it in months! By the way, the happy meals there includes a DVD! It was actually good movies like Ice age and how to train a dragon.

IMG_8213 2

After feeling guilty about eating all that I ended up hiking the big hill there. The view over the city was beautiful and the weather was great! Lyon reminds me of Paris, except less crowded. It even had a small Eiffel Tower. I visited the ancient Roman theater; it was very nice.

DSC01103 2

I went back to the hotel to check in. After a long bus ride and hike, something as simple as brushing my teeth made me feel SOO much better. I went out to walk around to explore Lyon some more. After searching and trying to decide what to have for dinner for about an hr. Guess what I had? Mc Donalds.

The next day we were heading to Geneva, Switzerland so we went to bed early to get a good night sleep.


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