Week 10: I have Sesamoiditis


Previous students who studied in Nancy told me that it rains a lot here and they’re right! It’s been raining on and off here for the past 2 weeks. On top of the rain, it’s cold, which makes it even harder to want to walk to class. It’s the beginning of March and it’s still in the high 50s and low 30s. I am so glad I have hunter boots! I regret not buying an umbrella at Harrods when I was in London.

We have 2 classes this week: International Marketing and Doing business with European countries. One of the professors came from a school in the US and it’s a huge difference in the teaching style and terminology he uses in class. The other one would tell us to be quiet, then his phone rings and he pick up and talk… in the middle of the lecture! This happened multiple times.

I’m not sure why, but on Tuesday the cigarette smell was stronger than usual. I could smell it on the 3rd floor inside my class. When I had my second class on the first floor I started to feel light-headed from breathing it and then trying to hold my breath.

My French bank account finally opened and there’s a charge of 120 euros on it for my house insurance. I was told I need to put cash into the ATM to pay it ASAP or else I’d be charged more money, however, that day I didn’t have cash on me. Then I was told I needed to pay it in person, so I came back with cash and the lady at the bank said I needed to pay at the ATM. I went to the ATM and none were working. The same lady working there says the ATM is not working this whole week. 😒

I went to a different ATM. Deposit the cash to not be in the negative anymore and was told I need to put at least 50 more euros in, then take it out in order to activate my card. I haven’t done it yet because I only had 125 euros. It cost me money to withdraw from my American bank account. Overall, very annoying process.

I remember talking to someone fro UCF who studied here and she told me a lot about what she didn’t like and I thought she was just being negative. Now, I completely agree with her on a lot of it.

The good news of this week is I got the UCF Study Abroad scholarship. I applied for it in the studyabroad.ucf.edu portal about 6 months ago!

The bad news is I have Sesamoiditis. It’s pain under the big toe on the ball of my right foot. It hurts so bad. Next week we are traveling and I’m praying it gets better since there will be a lot of walking around.

Venting Sesh Over.


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