Week 7: Happy Valentine’s Day

I am one week late on posting because I was traveling and the Airbnb I was at had weak wifi.


This week was normal with classes. On Valentines Day, I walked around Nancy with Mamie and Jon. We tried a macaroons place called “Maison Des Soeur Macarons.” These are not the cute sandwich kind that we normally see. It’s more of a crunchy cookie. It’s how the original macaroons were made. I think Nancy is actually one of the places that the macaroon originated from. I’m not 100% sure from that history lesson so don’t quote me.


Classes were normal this week. I had to miss an in-class exam because I needed to go do VISA paperwork call OFII. I am still not clear on what it’s for honestly but it cost me $70 for a stamp they required and a picture. My professor sent me an assignment to do to make up missing the exam.

dsc00799On Saturday, Jon and I took a train from Nancy to Paris. We were going to wait at the airport for our morning flight to London, however, the train ride made both of us feel sick so we wanted to lie down and have a good night sleep. We booked a hotel at the airport for 60euros. It was actually really nice! You can control everything in the room with a tablet. It had a projector for the tv and you can change the shower to different colors.

Small tip: NEVER use cred card for vending machine. It will get hacked.

Next blog will be all about London!

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