Week 6: Eat good feel good

This week I’ve decided to change up my writing style. Instead of sharing of what I did each day, I will share the highlight of the week. I did not travel anywhere, however, I did try a few different restaurants in Nancy.

I usually do grocery shopping once a week at Monoprix. This week I took a bus with some friends to Auchan, it’s like a super Wal-Mart. The produce and meats were very fresh and so much cheaper than Monoprix. The same amount of chicken is 7euros instead of 14euros. I love it there!! I regret not bringing my carry-on luggage to put my things in to bring back home. I didn’t get as much stuff as I wanted to because it was getting super heavy.

In most grocery stores here, you have to bring your own bag or buy it there. I tried some good restaurants this week as well. I went to Kensington Coffee shop in town to work on a report with my partner. I got a donut and caramel macchiato. It’s a cute and cozy place.   img_7940

Artisan’s burger is right by place Stanislas. I had the Artisan’s burger, which is a salmon patty. It was super fresh and so good!! I would definitely get it again. During lunch (I’m not sure the exact time) a burger, fries, and drink are 13 euros (usually 16).

I went to dinner with some friends are Papa Joe which is an American restaurant. I thought their food was very good! I got a mixture of different meats; steak, ribs, and pork. I was too hungry to take a really good picture of it. It’s also very cute and cozy inside. We were there for 4 hours eating and chatting about the similarity and differences in our cultures.

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