Week 5: No Trump supporters here

Monday: Wow, it has already been 1 month since I’ve been in France. A quick recap: I was totally depressed the first week and I’ve been eating way too many carbs. In January, I have traveled to Paris, Nancy, Strasbourg, Morzine, Metz, Amsterdam, and Cologne. That’s more cities than I travel to in a year in the States!

Class was canceled today and moved to Wednesday. The biggest plans I had today was going grocery shopping at Monoprix. It’s about a 25-minute walk from where I live. Monoprix is like a smaller version of Wal-Mart where they have everything from Shampoo to fresh produce but their stuff is a bit more expensive than carrefour (which you can find at every corner.)

Tuesday: I didn’t hear my alarm so I missed my class. Our professor is super strict when it comes to being late, she start right on time and if you are 1 minute late you can not come in. However, she’s nice enough to let me sit in the later section at 10:45 a.m. Today, I had Corporate Finance and we went over time value and money. Something I’ve mastered from the finance courses at UCF. Except we’re not allowed to use our financial calculators. We used the French calculators in class to be familiar with it for the exam.

The French use comma as their period. For example, a dollar and fifty cents is written 1,50. Just something to get used to.

Wednesday: Good news, I finally got my UGG boots back today! An ICN staff connected me with another student in my program name Chloe. She also forgot something on the bus and luckily, she is a French student with a car. After our morning class, she took me to the bus agency to get our stuff back together.

Thursday: Wow, what an interesting day of class. I was trying to be a good student today by sitting in the front row of class. Let’s just say that being here have made me realized how much the American election affects so many other countries and not just our own.

I’m starting to appreciate this 2-hour lunch break thing. By the time I finish making my lunch and eat it, it’s already time to head out again. How did I eat so fast on my 30 min lunch in America?

Friday: I still don’t know my login for myICN. It’s pretty frustrating that I’m unable to look at my assignments and notes. I’ve reached out the staff and the IT people here and they were no help.

After a month of being pressured to open a bank account by Globe and Co I’m finally doing it to also get insurance for my apartment.

Saturday: I started our group project on Corporate communication. It’s basically a case study on apple and we have to answer some questions. I had plans to meet Mamie to explore Nancy and Mai (New friend from Thailand) for dinner but all our plans fell through because of the nasty rainy weather today. Plus, I don’t even have an umbrella so it would’ve sucked walking around in the cold rain.

Sunday: Today I visited the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s free on the first Sunday of each month and for students, I think? The line was super long to get in. I mainly wanted to go to take pics in the famous light room of course. I’m really craving some super bowl food like chicken wings and buffalo chicken dip. A couple of friends are going to have a get-together tonight to watch it but it won’t start until 12:30 a.m for us so I’m going to miss it. I’m sure I’ll see memes and videos of it tomorrow.



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