Week 8: London❤️



This week we are on Winter break. Everyone is traveling to different places.Jon and I met my sister and her husband in London! We had this planned since December. I accomplished everything I wanted to do on this trip and more; definitely, one of my favorite places and I would definitely go back!

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Week 6: Eat good feel good

This week I’ve decided to change up my writing style. Instead of sharing of what I did each day, I will share the highlight of the week. I did not travel anywhere, however, I did try a few different restaurants in Nancy.

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Week 5: No Trump supporters here

Monday: Wow, it has already been 1 month since I’ve been in France. A quick recap: I was totally depressed the first week and I’ve been eating way too many carbs. In January, I have traveled to Paris, Nancy, Strasbourg, Morzine, Metz, Amsterdam, and Cologne. That’s more cities than I travel to in a year in the States!

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