Week 3: Abnormal working hours


Monday: We didn’t have class today. I guess the French celebrate MLK too! Lol

Tuesday: First class back at ICN after our Morzine trip. How our schedule work is, we take 4 classes. Each class has 4 different modules. My program, Bachelor 3 English Track -Nancy, is broken in 2 groups by alphabetical order. I’m in group 2. Our schedule alternates with group 1. Most days class is once a day for 3 hours.

I discovered that I forgot my UGGs on the bus on the way back from Morzine when I was looking for them. I emailed someone from ICN to see if they can find my boots, ughhh I hope soo !!

Wednesday: Our class is held at a different location and I had no idea how to get there until a friend sent the address an hour before class started. It was about an 8 minute walk the opposite direction of where I usually go. Maybe they sent out an email but I still have no idea how to log into my email and I haven’t even gotten my log in to look at my assignments.

Good news: They found my boots!! The person I emailed said she will let me know when I can come pick up the boots from the bus agency about 10 mins car ride from Nancy.

Thursday: Class today was called “Knowledge management.” It was interesting… Our professor said he will teach us how to know how to manipulate and recognize when we are being manipulated.

I went out for the first time tonight to Mac Carthys Pub. Everyone was going to celebrate Leonie’s birthday (a really sweet French girl). Thursday is also college night! A lot of people from my program were there, I hung out with Alex and Mamie most of the time and had conversations with some of the other students in my program for the first time.

Going out when it’s so cold is not fun. It’s hard to show off your outfit when you have to wear a big coat over it. At the bar, there was a huge pile of jackets, scarfs, and mittens on the chair/floor. I was not going to join that pile! It was pretty funny to people watch and talk to super intoxicated people when you’re the sober one.

Friday: We didn’t have class today. I tried wanted to try a noodle place that have noodle bowls for 3 euro. They were closed when I got there, of course. I think they only open 11-2:30p.m. I went to a different restaurant named Angeluzzo. They have pizzas, pastas, salads, and burgers. It’s one of the only places here that is opened normal hours and open on sundays. The food was great for a decent price. People here eat pizza with spicy oil. It’s peppers that soak in olive oil and you put it on your pizza. It’s delicious!

Afterwards, I walked off the food by going to buy groceries at Monoprix. I finally bought a calendar and a notebook. Notebooks are expensive here, a simple notebook that doesn’t even have a cute cover is 5-10 euro.

Monoprix at the San Sebastian location is inside a mall. It’s like a Super Walmart (but smaller), it has house stuff, makeup, clothes, and groceries. I find that groceries here are kind of expensive too. Ramen are .95 euros and up. Not .29 cents like in the US lol.

The cheapest meal that I’ve made is chicken fajitas. A pack of 6 pieces of chicken breast is about 13euro. Fajita seasoning is 2 euro. A decent size bag of frozen bell peppers is 2 euro. The salsa here is super weird, even though it’s the Old El Paso brand. The texture and taste are like sweet and sour sauce.

Alex came over to hang out and we talked about our favorite topic: food. We planned that we would go have some burgers tomorrow and try the original Macaroons. We learned that Nancy was one of the places it originated from!

Saturday: The place we were going to get macaroons from was closed! It’s not opening again until February. We walked down a little to a bakery named Aux Merveilleux de Fred. We tried some new stuff for the first time, it was good!

It seemed busier in the shopping center more than usual. I was on a hunt for a purse since I don’t have one here. I just want a simple inexpensive one to daily wear to class or out. I wish that I saved money to come shopping here for cold clothes. Every store has sales and their winter clothes are super cute and warm. There’s 2 h&m on the same street!

We took a while trying on some clothes at Zara and we didn’t leave until 7 (when they close) to go to Voyou which is the burger place near Place Stanislas. When we walked in they told us there are no more seats. I’m so annoyed by their working hours here. I’m pretty sure they open 12-1:45p.m then 7:00-8:45p.m.

img_7494Luckily, there’s another location right down the street. We rushed there and got to get some food. The Voyou place Stanislas tasted better to me. Their burger is huge with a side salad, and fries for 14.50 euro. The Voyou delicatessen is a order then sit place. A burger is 8, burger and fries is 10, and burger, fries, and drink is 12.
Sunday: Roxanne took us to explore Metz today. It was super quiet and barely any stores or restaurant was opened because it’s Sunday of course.  I can check standing on a frozen canal off my bucket list (even though it was never on it). I was too afraid to go any further out haha! For more pictures of Metz and other places I’ve been to check out the Travel tab under Gallery! 

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