Week 2 cont: Whitney and Bob…Marley

Thursday: I woke up feeling sore everywhere, but at least it’s our last day of seminar classes. Our professor today had really strong negative opinion about Trump. We were warned about this before we left at our UCF pre-departure meeting. Overall, the workshops were good. I realized that I need to be more knowledgeable about global companies and economy.

After lunch, I went for a much-needed nap. A lot of people seemed to be sick today. Jon caught a little bit of a stomach bug. He skipped about 3 meals because he didn’t have an appetite for anything.

We returned our ski equipment around 4:30 p.m. I was glad to get rid of those stupid things (yes, still salty). We then found out that we can only pay for our ski passes and equipment rental in cash. A lot of us were frustrated because we were never told this from the beginning. I know that it wasn’t associated with ICN but I was disappointed in such a bad ending to a great week because of how unorganized they were. Our last dinner was in a formal setting with round tables and candles. I wish I knew this because I was wearing sweatpants and a sweater. Anyway, the food was delicious!

Friday: We spent the whole day traveling back to Nancy. The hotel prepared packed lunches for us; it was super nice of them!

The total cost of the trip was 548 euro for me.

430 Euro for transportation, all meals, and hotel.

118 euro for ski equipment rental and 2 days ski pass.


What I wore for skiing:

  • Ski goggles: 16 euro (So glad I bought these)
  • Beanie
  • Scarf
  • Gloves


  • Northface jacket: $30 Kid size XL windbreaker water resistant jacket
  • Sweater
  • Under armor thermal base layer: $20
  • Sports bra


  • Ski pants: $25 I bought boy pants from target that were water resistant
  • Leggings
  • Nike thermal base layer

Saturday: Jon and I went out to look for a barber and buy groceries. Our apartment is about 25 mins walk from the main street where all the stores are located. 

Things I’ve noticed today: the French love Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, and ASAP Rocky. Almost every place I go into they have their music playing lol. The employees in stores and/or restaurants say “I don’t speak English” in very good English. So we’re like oh ok… let’s get out the google translator. Then they respond to everything we say in English😑

Anyway, we didn’t buy any groceries but we did buy clothes and jewelry lol

Sunday: Important lesson of the day: everything here is closed on Sunday so if you tell yourself to buy groceries on Saturday, you should buy groceries instead of clothes and jewelry😅. I ended up eating pizza from a gas station. 

They have very weird working hours here. Like I mentioned before, businesses close for 2 hours for lunch. Most restaurants open for lunch then again at 7 or 8-midnight. People eat super late here.

I’m going to try to go grocery shopping again tomorrow so I don’t have to eat gas station pizza again😒

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