Week 2: Morzine-2, Tien-0



Sunday: We departed for a 7 hour bus ride to Morzine at 9:00 a.m. The scenery on the ride was beautiful. We drove through tunnels and windy roads in the mountains; Going up was a little scary because we’re up high and I couldn’t see the road or railing.

After an exhausting bus ride, we finally arrived to our hotel, Le Cret. Alex, Jon, Miguel and I rushed inside to beat the crowd to grab our room key. We ran up to get settled in and to our surprise, we had an amazing view overlooking Morzine and the mountains.

Miguel and Jon went to the fitness center while Alex and I sat at the lounge/bar area chatting. This place reminds us of the first High School Musical. Alex was hoping she would meet her Troy Bolton while doing a karaoke duet. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen haha.

We were joined by some other students and the debate about how many continents there are came up Apparently Europeans are taught there are only 5: Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and Antarctica.

At 7:30 pm we all met for a short presentation. It was mostly spoken in French and the English translation was unclear. We were all just looking forward to the dinner buffet.

When we entered the food area, we were going to look for a table first since it was very busy there. A person who worked there yelled at us “NO NO NO” and made us get in line for food first and pointed to a separate room where we are assigned to sit. Jon pointed out they had beers on tap where the rest of the drinks are and the same guy said “ NO, no beer, no soda, just water!”

Miguel fired back at him “Okay, you don’t have to be so rude to us. We were just looking”

The foods were… interesting. I didn’t get much. Roxanne was translating what each thing was to us. We all got a full plate because we thought that was all that was offered. Come to find out, that was just the appetizers. We found steak, fries, and chicken nuggets !!

Miguel came up to me while I was getting food and said “another waiter told me that we need to move and we’re not allowed to sit where we are sitting but he was very rude.” There wasn’t any signs and no one told us we couldn’t sit there. We moved to another table and the same waiter who told Miguel to move told him “You are not allow to sit there because the table is not setup. I am the boss here and you have to listen to me or I will take you to the front and I will let them take care of you” then he comes back with a napkin and a pen and told Miguel to write his name on it.

Miguel is pretty ticked off at this point. He walked out and asked for the manager. Miguel explained the situation and they got the owner of the hotel to come down. She told him that the waiter behavior was unacceptable and that she will take care of it. Our new German friends told us that the hospitality in France and Germany is nowhere close to America because they do not get tips so they do not care.

It was a long day, we went to bed right after. Side note: the wifi sucks here.

Monday: I woke up to a beautiful scenery outside. I snoozed my alarm 3 times before I actually got out of bed. We went down for breakfast then to class. Here is our schedule for the week:


My first time skiing was… Painful. Walking in the boots and carrying the skis is not fun! We took a lift up to the top of the mountain then walked up another hill. I took a beginner ski lesson with a group of people from my program. First time going down was fun. The second time when I felt more confident about it, I felt someone holding onto my sticks. I turned around and it was a guy from my class. He is about 6 ft tall!! I was screaming “LET GO !! LET GO!!” And next thing I know, we went straight to a pole and my face landed in the snow. I was FURIOUS ! I was yelling at him “WHY DID YOU HOLD ON TO ME” and when he was apologizing and trying to help me get up I was like “NO! I GOT IT!! DON’T TOUCH ME!!” (Even though I needed help lol) I was just so angry!!

After that, we moved onto a longer slope and I was starting to get the hang of it, so it was fun. I made myself fall over on purpose because I didn’t know how else to stop. The instructors kept yelling “PIZZA! PIZZA!” but every time I tried that, my legs cramped and it was painful.

It was sunny when we got there but then by 4 it started to get really foggy and cold. Jon helped me carry my skis all the way back to the hotel because I’m a princess. He was the only one snowboarding and he did really well for his first time!

When we got back to the hotel we went to the hot tub and sauna. It was amazing! Everyone talked about going out tonight but once again, I’m a grandma so I’m going to stay in and feel this soreness on my body. How do other people have so much energy ? One big activity a day is enough for me!

Tuesday: In class today we spoke a lot about apple and innovativeness. The professor came from the Netherlands and she was super sweet. We all got distracted at one point because there were 2 deer outside fighting. She simply said “what are you guys looking at?” Then when she noticed she said “okay, well let’s take a moment to watch since we don’t see this everyday.” After class, Alex and I went to get a little something to eat at the buffet before we head to Avoriaz where we were going to have lunch with Jon, Roxanne, Miguel and Mamie. We ate because we were told the bus ride there was 40 mins. It was actually only about 10 minutes and then maybe 3 minute lift to get to the top of the mountain. We can eat anything up to 19,50 euro for free because the restaurant is also owned by the hotel we’re staying.

Avoriaz is so much bigger and nicer than Morzine (where we went skiing on Monday). We sat by the window so I watched the snow fall and people skiing by while I was eating. I had a burger, fries, a side salad, and Nutella crepe. Lol yeah, I eat a lot. Don’t judge me!


We went back to the hotel to sit on the comfy couch in the lobby and use the super slow wifi because it doesn’t work in our rooms. One of our professors from Denmark came over to have casual a convo with us, he shared that he loves Key West and had great compliments about America being a beautiful country. #ProudAmerican

Wednesday: We were off from classes today and it was sunny and beautiful! I woke up late for breakfast but still manage to go grab a croissant and a tangerine.

I exchanged my ski boots since it was hurting my shin so bad. He gave me a brand new pair in a smaller size. What I was also doing wrong the first time was having too many layers where my shin was.

Today I learned my lesson, I still wore 3 layers of pants but I rolled it up above the boots and only wore 1 layer of socks. I borrowed Jon’s NorthFace backpack to put little things like my keys, water bottle and Ugg boots to change into incase I couldn’t walk with my ski boots anymore.

When we got up to the top, I was pretty scared because there were a lot of people and much bigger slopes. I went down the small slope to get to the lifts and fell. Every time I fall it’s like a mini blizzard happening. Each of my body part is in a different location, the sticks in two different places, and it also takes forever for me to get up.

The first time going on the ski lift was hilarious. Our group of 6 all went at once. We all basically fell into the seat with all our skis tangled and when the safety bar came down it squished all of us because we weren’t sitting in it correctly. The view was so beautiful though. It felt like a real life version of the Peter Pan ride at Disney. When it was time to get off, we weren’t prepared at all! It was like a domino effect, we all knocked each other over and fell as soon as we got off.

img_7464I fell on my face like at least 2-3 times going down each slope. I would do well for a while but then I fall once I start picking up speed. Everyone else but Jon ended up just leaving to do their own thing, as they should because I was falling so much and going so slow. Their second time coming down was my first time coming down the whole thing, that’s how slow I was.

My second time up the lift I fell on my face when I got off…again. After the first hill I was pretty frustrated that I haven’t figured out how to control my speed. Jon said to me “try to balance” and I snapped back “you don’t think I’m trying?!” Then he said I have the worse attitude so I started to hysterically cry and said mean things to him and walked down the second slope which took me a good 10 mins.

At the bottom he waited for me still. Bless his heart for dealing with my crazy ass lol. It took us about 40 mins to finish the rest of the way and get to the restaurant for lunch. That’s where I found out I started my time of the month. Cherry on top of a fantastic day right? I was dehydrated, hungry, and had a huge headache from falling so many times. After lunch I caught the bus at 3 while Jon and everyone else stayed until the next bus at 4:30. Skiing needs to have a person holding your stuff like in golf. A “skaddy” would be nice.

For dinner, I had some food at the buffet then remembered that Roxanne signed us up for fondue. It was in a hidden restaurant in the hotel. They gave us a block of cheese, the top gets heated up and we scrape it onto potatoes or salad or bread. Sooo good!! There’s no way I’m losing weight here.
Anyway, I swore I would never ski again today but maybe it was just a bad/emotionally unstable time to try it. It’ll be a while until I get back on the slopes again. 

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