New years in Paris


Not even 24 hours here and I’m ready to go home. No I’m not homesick or something bad happened. It’s just too cold here for a Florida girl. Ok, I’m being a little dramatic but it really is super cold here and I’m not as prepared as I thought. Here is how the past two days went:

Saturday: Arrived at 8:00a.m, the Charles de Gaulle airport is HUGE. I think they filmed fast 6 movie on that airport runway because it literally went on forever.

Customs had a super long line but it went by fast. I handed over my passport to the lady. She stamped it and that was that. I didn’t say anything other than “Hi.” Jon, Miguel, and I took about an hour just to find each other once I got my checked in bag.

When we found each other, we got an uber to our hotel Meliá Paris La Défense. It is about 35 minutes away from the airport. It was super foggy outside and everything was covered in snow near the airport which I didn’t expect to see.

Outside our hotel window we can see the Arc de triomphe de l’Etoile and the Eiffel tower. The metro station is about 30 steps away. “La Defense” is like our Wall Street. It’s the business side of Paris. I would highly recommend anyone visiting to stay here!

Metro was FREE 5p.m-12p.m on Dec 31-Jan 1.

The metro system looks confusing but it is actually super easy to figure out. Well…after getting on the wrong side a few times and then on the right side but thought it’s the wrong side, so we got off, and then wait for it to come again. We learned our lesson.


The city is not dirty and smelly like a lot of people describe it to be. Although….There are a lot of cigaret smokers and I did see some people litter. My first time seeing the Eiffel tower was when I was having a nutella crepe which was warmer than the hot chocolate, and I happened to look up. I freaked out because it was so amazing. Everything about the architecture amazes me.img_7142

Around Paris there are men suited up and walking around with big guns. Honestly, I was really worried there was going to be an attack at the count down but it really made me feel better.

After visiting the Eiffel tower, there was still 4 hours left until midnight so I went back to the hotel to take a nap.

There are no fireworks at the Eiffel tower on New Year’s Eve.  Just a really cool light show and fireworks at the Arc de triomphe de l’Etoile.

They started blocking off the areas around the Arc around 8p.m. I went back out there around 11:30p.m. The Metro was packed with people. The French do not stay in their own bubble as is, this time I was super up close and personal with a bunch of people walking right next to each other trying to get in and out.

I missed the light show at the Arc…because I was on the wrong side. They did not really countdown either. I heard someone saying “Un minute” then all of a sudden… boom boom boom (fireworks). Miguel and Alex was on the right side of it and they didn’t count down over there either.

Sunday: Jan 1, 2017. We had plans to go to the Louvre museum in the morning. We didn’t wake up until 3:00p.m.

By the time we got to the Louvre it was 4:30p.m. When we exited the metro, we were inside an underground mall. We tried asking a lady who work there how to get out and she ignored us. We asked a question while she looked at us in the eye, then turned and talked to other people. How is it that Americans are rude ones?

We had “breakfast” at a bakery near by. The Louvre museum is free on the first sunday from October-March. However, It was closed when we got there but the outside was so beautiful. Again, I just felt so amazed and grateful to be there.  I literally felt like all my dreams came true today.

It was freezing outside though. I was wearing 2 layer of pants, a turtleneck, scarf, hat, gloves, and fuzzy socks and I was still so cold that it hurts. It feels like 100 needles were poking me.

My mission was to find l’as du fallafel because I heard it was amazing and omg, it was. It was super close to the Notre Dame so we walked there after eating. We got to the back of it so we decided that we weren’t going to look at it until we got to the front of it.



We got to the front of it and turned around at the same time. IT WAS AMAZING. The Notre Dame area has got to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. On the way back to the hotel, Miguel peed in a little drain inside the underground metro while Jon and I looked out for people on each side hahah!!
Tomorrow, we are traveling to Nancy where our school is. Wish me luck, it’s colder there.

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