Merry Christmas

I love everything about Christmas. My favorite part is wrapping presents. Shopping is fun too of course, but I always end up buying myself stuff. It got a little cooler here in Florida last week then warm again this weekend. My family has been so busy this year that we didn’t decorate at home or the nail salon like we usually do. I was definitely spoiled this year by my sister and Arlie. My parents gave us money as usual since we are older now. However, my dad put a twist on his gift, he gave me Euro instead of Dollars. It was such a good surprise!

Disney Epcot

Our Christmas is usually quiet and relaxed. We exchange gifts in the morning, my sister and I cook brunch for my parents. We go to church then either my mom or my sister and I cook dinner. We eat different things each year. We prefer steak, seafood or Vietnamese dishes. Almost anything that’s not turkey and ham, actually. This year we are having pork tenderloin.


This year has also shown what family really means. It doesn’t mean we have to be from the same blood. Family loves and cares for you unconditionally. No judgment, no jealousy, no criticism. People who give and not expect anything in return. Make fun of you without insulting you. Respect your home, lifestyle, and decisions. Most importantly, be happy for you if you are doing good in life.

My gift to myself is breaking my piggy bank. For the past few years, I receive a piggy bank for Christmas. I put all my cash in it throughout the year from the tips I receive from working at the nail salon or extra money. Then on Christmas, I smash it open and count the money!

This is a beautiful home on Beauclerc rd off San Jose that is free to anyone who wants to walk through. The owner decorated his entire yard with thousands of lights.

Who has the cutest mom? I DO !!


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