Sa3: Pre-Departure✈️

At times, I wished someone would do everything for me and I just pay the fees, however, I had to do basically everything myself. This application process has been a learning experience itself. When I was applying to go abroad, everyone talked about their experience while they’re there but not what I needed to do before getting there. Therefore, this post is to share my application process and hopefully help other students who are applying to the ICN program in the future.


  1. Meet with a Study Abroad coordinator and figure out what program is best for you. UCF College of Business:
  2. Tell your parents
  3. Apply and commit to a program. UCF Application fee: $350
  4. Apply for scholarships. I spent like $40 on stamps and ordering transcripts
  5. Get/renew your passport if you need to
  6. Get an acceptance letter from UCF on behalf of ICN to apply for VISA and Housing while you wait for ICN to answer.
  7. Housing: most students in the past stayed at Pythagore. But there are other options such as, Les Academies Lorraines, Estudines Saint Dizer, There’s a list of places in the handbook that is given.I got tremendous help from the following people who contacted housing places and translated a lot of paperwork:Kardiatou SERRET – WADE: kardiatou.wade@icn-groupe.frStéphanie GUGLIELMINA: stephanie.guglielmina@icn-groupe.frHousing was the most stressful part for me. I didn’t hear anything from Pythagore until October and when I did, I kept reminding them to send me the lease. They replied saying they will send it “soon.” In November, I finally got my lease because they forgot to send it😑. In the meantime, I found those other housing places that I listed above, I applied to some but I was never happy with it. 3 weeks before leaving, I got an email from an ICN student about a 2 bedroom apartment. The leasing agency do not speak English well and I don’t speak French well so Kardiatou helped me call and speak to them about getting a lease. On Dec 16th, all ICN staff were going on break until January so Kardiatou forwarded me the lease but I lost my French translator. 13  days before leaving, I finally signed a lease and wired over my deposit to the apartment. I will be sharing this flat with a roommate. Rent is 840euros a month plus utilities.
  8. Print about 4-6 passport size pics (I took pics myself and got it printed at “the spot” on campus. Cost about $1 each)
  9. Apply for Campus France: $180  They replied to me within a week, it took longer for some other students. 
  10. Once Campus France send the approval email, apply for VISA: $54. VISA was done through UCF. I just had to submit all the appropriate paperwork.
  11. Book flight: My roundtrip $750
  12. Enroll into UCF courses GEB 4955. Once the semester start, Holly will substitute in the courses that are actually taken. 
  13. Go to mandatory pre-departure session presented by Global UCF. 
  14. Pay Health insurance and fee: 286 euro = $314 + $35 wiring fee (I went to my bank to wire this money to the school)
  15. If you go in the spring, there is an Alps seminar. They sent clear instructions in November on how to sign up and pay. (430euro, it cover all expenses except skiing equipment)
  16. Email to arrange a pickup time.

Helpful things:

  • In France, dates are written like so: DD/MM/YYYY
  • Last names are Capitalized: LE Tien
  • Get with someone who speak the language. All of my documents were in French and google translate is not always accurate.
  • Ask for an example of how to fill out certain forms if you don’t know
  • They refer to an apartment or studio as a “Flat”
  • Do A LOT of research
  • When making a bucket list, include landmarks not just the location. Have an idea of what you want to do there so you can budget
  • Ex: Paris: Eiffel tower, The Louvre
  • Get paperwork done early but also, don’t rush anything (the French take a long time to reply)
  • Don’t stress out – things will work out.
  • BE ORGANIZED. I keep a folder on my computer of all my documents and also a folder with all the hard copies.
  • Since I have to travel from Paris to Nancy, I am flying into Paris to spend a few days there before heading to Nancy to avoid the hassle of going straight from the airport to catch a train (which many people have missed and had to buy new ticket). 
  • Don’t over pack (coming from a girl who is probably going to over pack)
  • Okay, let’s change that: Don’t pack things that your host country will probably have like shampoo and toothpaste.
  • A lot of times, I get up at 5-6a.m to email back and forth with them because they are 6 hours ahead.




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