That one time I was (almost)HOMELESS


Next week will be my 5th time moving in 2 years! What can I say, I have commitment issues.

My first apartment: The Retreat of Orlando August 2014


This is a cottage style apartment. I lived in a 3/3 with my best friend Teese and a random roommate. The place was furnished, I got my own bathroom and walk-in closet; everything was included, and a cap on electricity. I lived here the first year it was opened, it was like a resort!

Like many student housing, it is individual leasing. The good thing about that is you only have to worry about yourself. My rent plus covered parking was $790. The retreat got too expensive for Teese and I. We both subleased our rooms; she moved home and I stayed a little long.

May 2015 – My BFF Zack moved to Orlando for a fresh start. I found a lady on Craiglist who was renting out 2 rooms in her house for $600 a month. What a good deal right?! Turns out, it was $600 EACH. She wasn’t clear about this until we moved all our belongings in her house. She also had rules like, no guests, EVER. And only come down to the kitchen when you need to make food. We moved out the same day we moved in.

June 2015 -WE WERE HOMELESS. My room was being taken over by someone else and we had about 5 days to find somewhere to live. Luckily, my friend Megan who lived at Northview(a school affiliated apartment complex) let me stay in her room because she moved back home for the summer. She was generous enough to not take any money from me for the time Zack and I shared her room. It was a 4/4 apartment, furnished with our own bath and walk in.

July 2015 – I got in touch with my friends from high school, Kristin and Ada, who were getting ready to move out their apartment as well. We decided we were all ready to move into a house. Unfortunately, Zack had to move back to Jax at the time. At this time, Our budget was $500 including utilities and no pets. I think we viewed about 4 houses and applied for a 5 bed 3 bath, 2700sqft house for $1,700 a month in Avalon park.


The three of us moved in this 5 bd home for about a month until we found 2 more roommates to make rent for each person cheaper. At this house, I pay $350/mo plus approx $100 for utilities (elect, water, internet, no cable).

June 2016 – Ada and Kristin are officially UCF Alums. We also have a pitbull/mastiff pup name Layla. We are ready to get a smaller place with less roommates(for real this time) and get out of Avalon because getting on Colonial to go anywhere is a B****. We all have been searching on Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Google,, and about every realtor management website you can think of. We have quite a bit of furniture so we need a place that is at least 1,500 sqft to not be on top of each other and also stay about $500 each.

We needed to move out by June 30th and everywhere we’ve called already had applicants, no pets or not ready for move in until Aug 1st. Oh no, HOMELESS AGAIN?! And this time around I am not lucky enough to have anyone lend me their place.

One week before we have to be out, Kristin and I viewed a townhouse house about 10 mins from campus in Oviedo and we loved it! 3bed, 3 bath, a screened in porch, about 1,800 sqft, $1,500. Kristin has been packing since May and we are so excited to never have to drive on East Colonial to get home again.

Moving day was the worse experience of my life. We had to be out our house 4p.m but we couldn’t get the keys until 6p.m for our new place. We had to unpack a 26ft Uhaul in 3 hours in pouring rain!

December 2016 – Back to the nest I came from.

Moving out tips

  • img_5602Use trash bags to go from bottom to top and tie at the neck; you can reuse the bags for trash.
  • Put little tape on cabinets like so and check it to signal that you’ve empty it out.
  • Pack aside a few outfits so that you are not digging through boxes
  • Start at least 2 weeks out before you move so you can start cleaning and repair small things
  • If you have holes or scratches on your wall. You can scrape off some paint color and bring to the paint store. Ask for a paint sample if you only have small spots to cover so you don’t have to spend money
  • Clean out your closet: this is a good time to get rid of the clothes you’ve saved since 8th grade but never wear even though you think you might “need it one day.” Plus, it will be less stuff for you to transport and you can always make some money from it at platos closet.
  • *Have a designated place that every put their phone, keys, and waters while you’re packing.
  • Pack an overnight bag: once you get to your new place, you’ll most likely too tired to unpack anything.  

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