SA2: Studying Abroad is affordable…kinda


I highly encourage anyone who has a slight thought about studying abroad to do it. If you are in high school, start saving now. If you are almost graduating college, delay your graduation. And if you have already graduated with your Bachelor’s, go for your Masters!

Money was a huge factor when I was deciding if I should go or not. Since I’m doing the exchange program, it is going to be charged as UCF tuition. Which also means that my financial aid/scholarship/grant will cover it.

Everything else will pretty much be the same expenses as living here. I will have rent and food expenses while I’m there. How much you spend on things like that is up to you and your lifestyle.

Here’s how i’m saving:

I have applied to A LOT of scholarships, it really is a lot of work but it’ll be worth it. When I moved to Orlando, my first real job was a co-teacher for the YMCA before and after school program.

I was getting paid minimum wage, I woke up at 5:30a.m for work, went to class then back to work until 6p.m. My days were really long and I hated those bad ass kids (I’m kidding haha). I then applied for a position as a Peer Advisor at the College of Business.

I worked both jobs for about a month until the kids went on summer break and I decided I wasn’t going to continue working there. I worked at the COB for over a year and then I got my internship at Orange County Government. During the summer, I worked both part time jobs totaling 40+ hours a week and took summer classes. On weekends when I went home to visit my family, I work at our nail salon (Shout out: A&T Nails on hwy 17) and I would put all my cash tips into a piggy bank.

And that’s how I’m rolling in benjamins now. Not really, I have expenses like rent, bills, gas and food of course. But basically that is how I’m saving up money to go abroad.

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