SA1: My study abroad location!


Just by looking at the picture, can you guess where that is?

If you guessed Nancy, France. You’re right!!

Studying abroad has always been something I wanted to do since I entered college. I feel like it’s the best opportunity to fully emerge into another culture and travel while you’re young with no serious obligations.

When I was deciding where to study, I knew I wanted to go to Europe because it was somewhere I have never been. After debating between many places like Vienna and Barcelona, I ended up committing with Nancy, France! I am sooo excited !!

I changed my mind every other day if I should pursue it or not due to financial constraints and delaying my graduation. I was a little afraid to tell my family because after all the terrorist attacks in France I didn’t think they would like it very much. When I brought up the idea of studying abroad, they were super supportive. My dad said “you just have to be careful and trust your instincts.” and my mom: “If you die, you’ll die anywhere.” That’s the modern 2016 Asian parents for ya.

The school I will be attending is ICN Business school. It just so happened that the courses I will be taking fits my schedule at UCF perfectly. It is an exchange program, therefore, I will be there for the whole spring semester. Another great thing is, it’s taught in English! I will be taking my last 4 courses of my bachelor degree in France! 




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